Every household has items that are used sparingly, such as extra linens or bedding, glassware or decorative articles.  Some are never used but kept for sentimental reasons.  Others are passed from one generation to the next, but the next may not be ready to receive them.  Christmas decorations, skiing or other sporting equipment, outdoor furniture require space during the non-use periods.  Snowmobiles, boats or trailers magnify the problem.  We have the storage solution for you.

For the beginning business, when capitol is limited, we offer low cost storage space.  As the business grows, additional space can be added.  For the established business, we can provide storage for excess stock, sales samples, files and records, advertising materials and displays, client files, office furniture and merchandise awaiting orders.  Time and motion studies show that when materials have to be moved aside before the productive wheels turn, profits are reduced.  Store the time and space consuming articles with us.  Keep you productive profit-making space open. 

HOme and cottage owners

You store it.  You lock it up.  You keep the key.  You access it at your leisure.


businesses and professionals

Today you couldn't afford to throw away the furniture or objects that your grandmother gave you.  Where do you keep it?  What about those unforgettable items that you picked up at a flea market?  Do you have a collection that takes up a ton of space but that you would never part with?  Take advantage of our various size options and affordable solutions.

collectors and hobbyists

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